Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day: a guide to surviving while NVB

Valentine's Day is upon us again. Or, as Anna and I like to think of it, Single's Awareness Day. Or, as I like to think of it, Hey, At Least The Next Day Lots of Chocolate Is Half Off Day. Either way, if you're a bitter NVB hag like me, I've compiled a list of dos (sp?!) and don'ts for surviving the big day. 

DO find someone else to hang out with sometime during the day. Being alone just makes you paranoid and bitter. (Ask me how I know!)

DON'T make that someone else to hang out with someone who used to be your significant other or who you wish was your significant other. That's just awkward.

DO eat some frickin' chocolate. Unless dietary restrictions prevent you. 

DON'T drink or otherwise chemically alter yourself into a stupor. It makes things worse, and you might do something stupid.

DO do something you enjoy. Especially if it's horribly geeky. For example, I will be watching Doctor Who all day and then reading Harry Potter until I fall asleep. I may throw in a Stephen Fry podcast. Heck yes.

DON'T give into anyone who tries to make you feel bad for not having a significant other. Same for anyone who tries to pity you. Not that I'd know, but significant others sound lame. I have a feeling they'd object to my talking about yarn all the time and making jokes about Daleks. 

Armed with these suggestions, I hope you have an excellent Day That Shall Not Be Named. See you on the flipside.



  1. Stephen Fry podcasts FTW! Why, that sounds like a superb way to spend the glorious 14th! :D