Sunday, November 16, 2008


Welcome to the Nerdy Virgin Brigade! I started it because the geekiness of Anna and I cannot be contained and simply must be spread to the world. We'll both write posts, whenever we darn well want, about topics we feel would be appreciated by the (imaginary) Nerdy Virgin Brigade. Such topics may include (but are not limited to) knitting, movies, TV shows, cooking for one, general awkwardness, things to do alone at night when everyone else is out shagging, and anything else that crosses our twisted minds.
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Intro to the authors:

Alex (The Noun): Alex is a linguistics major and general dork. Her favorite things include British chocolate, the Navajo language, Diet Coke, Sigur Ros, Dr. Who, Law and Order, hand-knit socks, and frybread. Alex eventually wants to get her PhD and become a grumpy linguistics professor who terrorizes undergrads and works with endangered languages during the summer. For now she supports herself by tutoring kids.

Anna(The Verbinator): Anna is a linguistics fanatic, and is thoroughly addicted to tea, Mountain Dew, and journalism. She will almost never use a little word where a large, confusing word will suffice. Anna aspires to be insane when she grows up, and in the future, would like to be an editor for literary publishing. In the meantime, she supports herself with the help of her family, and friends who don't mind freeloaders.

Both Alex and Anna are crazy-cat-ladies in training and often hold multi-lingual conversations regarding the nature of grammar, the number fourty-two, and the lives of multiple British celebrities. Both Anna and Alex often dream of yarn and keep themselves awake at night contemplating excellently nerdy things to knit with said yarn.

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  1. Aspires to be insane when she grows up, eh? Hmmm...if you don't mind my saying so, I believe you've already reached the point of insanity. :P But then, who am I to talk? :) Love this blog, by the way. I can't say it made me laugh, thanks to my present state of mind, but I will say that it made me smile. :)